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#30DAYSOFSUMMER continued onward last night at MEATLOCKER. All of the friends we’ve made since playing there last year made the show a blast which really makes the Meatlocker our home. Xpug and Surburban Grass not only make really good Music, but are  truly gnarly friends as well. Wood spider killed it last night, as is tradition, and are a band that seeing live will no doubt blow yr mind. More videos will be on the way with a little of everyone’s set so KEEP YR EYES PEELED 

This is a video of a new song, entitled “Yellow Teeth Suite” loosely based on Gustav Holst’s “Second Suite In F for Military Band”. Both pieces have trombone and percussion so they are kind of similar. Hopefully this song will be recorded one day UNTIL THEN ENJOY THIS SHITTY RECORDING.


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